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iPhone 2019 can acquire 3D-sensors for the main camera

Development of a system of Face ID will cause, that the basic iPhone camera and 2019, will be supplemented by infrared sensors and 3D sensors like the TrueDepth have front camera. This publication reports Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is already working on the development of a new three-dimensional sensor that will help the main cameras to determine depth. The similar innovation will allow to apply more complex augmented reality applications.

The technology will be equipped with the main camera, similar to the TrueDepth. With the help of infrared projectors, the phone scans the user’s face and creates a depth map that consists of 30 000 points. A sensor located on the rear panel of the smartphone will be able to determine the distance to the object and its speed.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the iPhone 2018 front camera will remain unchanged. However, reportedly remains unclear whether Apple to adhere to the system of the two main cameras in the future or will replace one of the lenses on the 3D sensor.

The iPhone 7 Plus, 8 Plus and iPhone X the second lens is used not only to determine the depth, but also to get a sharper and high quality images.

Bloomberg experts suggest that the main purpose of the 3D-sensors — improved augmented reality. Virtual objects can become a lot more realistic if the iPhone is to navigate in space and to read information about the environment.

The emergence of 3D sensors for the main camera is a logical step for Apple, which is rumored to be preparing to produce a device of augmented reality by 2020.

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