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iPad today celebrates its seventh birthday

Seven years ago, on 27 January 2010, Steve jobs announced the first iPad, which revolutionized the computer market. A device that can combine the functions of the desktop, e-reader, and partly of the smartphone, has become a boon for users.

the iPad came three years after the market came the revolutionary iPhone and marketed by Apple as something between a smartphone and a computer. In this case user experience with the iPad, according to jobs, were not different from the iPhone. “75 million people know how to use the iPad,” he said.

Apple was the first company to release the tablet. In the beginning of the two thousandth on the market were already available models such as the ViewSonic V1100 or the Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000. However, these devices are characterized by high price (2-3 thousand dollars), low portability due to the size and weight and small battery life – only 2-3 hours.

Microsoft tried to forestall, and three weeks before the iPad presentation, Steve Ballmer, the now ex-head of the company, introduced the tablet, developed in collaboration with HP, called the Slate 500. But due to the fact that the operating system in Windows 7, the interface which objectively is not intended for use in tablets, the success of the Slate 500 is not earned, and everyone had forgotten about him. On the day of the presentation of the iPad.

Apple introduced the original device, oriented not so much to create content as to consume it and the transmission. Audience the presentation of the first iPad met Steve jobs, who by that time had made no secret that seriously ill, with thunderous applause.

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“Each of us uses a smartphone and a laptop. We wondered – is there any room for a third category device in the middle?”, — said the head of Apple, before showing the world the first iPad. Seven years of sales of the device showed that such a place remained.

“the iPad is the embodiment of our most advanced technologies. It gives rise to an entirely new category of devices that will allow users to interact with their apps and content in a much more intimate, intuitive and enjoyable than ever before”, said jobs.

For the first day of sales, Apple sold more than 300,000 devices. A million iPads were sold in the US in less than a month. For the first year on the market, Apple sold 14.8 million iPad – almost five times more than analysts expected – and took 90% of this promising market. In March 2011, the Guinness Book of records called the iPad “the fastest-selling electronic device” in history.

At the time, Steve jobs admitted that at first in the bowels of Apple has introduced the iPad concept, and only from it was born the iPhone. The tablet was postponed until better times, when technology gets better. And jobs not lost. Because now when the word “tablet” we remember the first iPad and not something else.

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