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iPad Pro will receive a “smart” cover with touch screen

Who would have thought that the Smart cover for the iPad, designed to lock the screen, can be considered the Apple more than the protective accessory. The company believes that the smart cover can serve as an additional screen to my tablet PC, display notifications about emails, messages, and control music playback.

If you believe the patent that got Apple in the bowels of Cupertino is ripe for a new accessory for the iPad. It comes to collapsing in kickstand accessory, protecting the tablet’s screen from damage, he has a separate display. The second screen is needed to display alerts and notifications, as well as demonstrations of widgets, which are allowed to interact without activating the tablet.

The protective device is powered and is communicating with the iPad through a special connector on one side.

Apple is not the first time thought about in order to make a more functional Smart Cover. In 2012, the company received a patent for the cover of the new generation, equipped with a sensitive surface, which is located on the inside of the accessory. When the tablet on the table in a vertical position, the cover can function as a virtual keyboard. In addition, the patent Office published application engineers on the Apple wireless charging system for the iPad, the main element of which is a Smart Cover with a built-in induction coil.

There is every reason to believe that the Smart Cover with built-in display Apple will offer for the so-called iPad Pro is large 12.9-inch tablet. The presentation device is expected this fall.

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