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iPad Pro does not support the background work of Siri, despite the built-in coprocessor M9

C the release of the iPhone 6s smartphone Apple has learned to take voice commands of the user in the background. The feature “Hey Siri” allows the phone to “listen” and respond to the voice of a man constantly. On the iPad Pro this technology does not work, despite the lack of technical limitations from hardware or software.

“Chip” iPhone 6s is that the smartphone is constantly waiting for commands human, so it can never be touched by hands. The microphone is always included. Mode works at all times except in two cases: when the device is in your pocket/purse, or lying face down.

This function does not consume a lot of energy, as for her work responds to the individual chip M9, which is part of the platform A9. Even though iPad Pro is based on its modifications A9X, which also includes the specified coprocessor, Apple has given the device mode of the background work Siri.

IPad Pro feature “Hey Siri” works like all other Apple gadgets, with the exception of flagship smartphones. That is, to use the device must be connected to a power source. In the case of iPhone 6s virtual assistant is always ready to execute commands, even when disconnected from the mains and is in a locked state.

In the case of the Apple iPhone 6s is more widely using the coprocessor M9. In particular, it interacts with the accelerometer, compass, gyro and barometer, which expands the possibilities for collecting fitness data. The chip allows you to measure not only the number of steps and distance traveled, but also your running speed, distance and elevation changes without the need to activate the GPS that is not much important for large devices, like a 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

By the way, if the iPhone 6s to put on the table face-down, the smartphone will not only disable the background work, “hi, Siri”, but will cease to display incoming notifications. It is the merit of the operating system iOS 9. This mode is available on other iPhone models.

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