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iPad Pro Apple General counsel “glitched” at the most inopportune moment

Performance Apple General counsel Bruce Sewell at the hearings held in the judiciary Committee of the Congress, was overshadowed by the unexpected failure of iPad Pro. Tablet has failed at the most inopportune moment, forcing the lawyer to resort to their records on paper. The confusion was captured on video.

Bruce Sewell read the opening speech when his tablet suddenly ceased to give life signs. The lawyer was forced to spend time searching for copies of the document printed on a sheet of paper.

The cause of the malfunction is still unknown. Some Twitter users suggested that, in that moment triggered an Autolock, and Sewell did not wish to waste time entering complicated password. Maybe he just decided not to trust Microsoft Word. Footage of this moment captured on a video on YouTube.

12.9-inch iPad Pro is popular among top managers Apple. Tim cook told that the tablet always takes with itself in trips. Several Executive Vice presidents were seen in the transfer of 60 Minutes.

The problem with the iPad Pro Bruce Sewell happened last week. On that day there was a session on privacy and security in the framework of the trial between Apple and FBI. In the statement, the lawyer said that the development of software that will allow you to access your iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino will make vulnerable the security system in the hundreds of millions of other Apple devices that use the company’s customers worldwide.

“This development will affect not only one iPhone, said Apple’s General counsel. – It will weaken system security across all devices… we can All admit that this concerns not only access to a single smartphone.”

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