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iPad instead of car receivers: how to fix a tablet on the steering wheel of the car

Now, many vehicle owners face the problem of shortage of functional staff and space dearness good radio with modern features. The author of the book “Behind the wheel” Aseev Ilya suggested an easy way to fit in the car iPad.

Standing in a traffic jam, Ilya noticed how drivers fit various navigators in the interior of the car. As he himself owns an iPad, then long took him on the passenger seat. In the end, came up with the idea to fix the device in a convenient place and in any car, so you can use both stationary and in motion.

How to make a mount for iPad or any other tablet with your own hands, below.

Step 1: Take the aluminum wire from the old antenna and fold to the size of the iPad as shown in the illustration below.

Step 2: Wrap the wire with black electrical tape, so the design will look aesthetically pleasing and will not scratch neither the wheel nor the tablet.

Step 3: we obtain this structure allows use of an iPad in the car.

Step 4: Put the design on the wheel. For fixing the movement of the bottom loop you can throw through the steering wheel on the lower retainer ordinary banking gum. When turning the steering wheel the image is stabilized, so that the Navigator is also easy to use.

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