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iPad Air 2 in a leather case and wireless charging will cost $1666

For people choosing things stylish and tasteful model type of gadgets is causing anguish and despair. It is for the benefit of such demanding customers and employs a staff of designers for each production, some of which even receive a prestigious award.

The German company Brinell, specializing in the modding electronic devices, decided to transform the flagship 10-inch tablet in the line of Apple and decorated it with expensive materials and adding support wireless charging. Case the iPad Air 2 in the premium version can be covered in carbon, Manasarovar wood or soft nappa leather to the customer’s choice.

Wireless charging iPad Air 2 is ensured by a built-in inductor. When this wireless power does not mean that the user can charge the device anywhere. This only means that the physical connection is not required, i.e. don’t have to deal with plugs and sockets. When charging the gadget will need the adapter that corresponds to the Qi standard.

Brinell hardness tester allows the user to choose iPad Air 2 with any of the prescribed amount of internal memory – 16 to 128 GB. The most affordable version with wifi and 16 GB of onboard memory will cost $1666.

On the website you can Brinell to leave a pre-order for the novelty, the supply of gadgets will start from 2 November.

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