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iPad 2 – the most popular Apple tablet

Despite the fact that in recent years Apple released many new varieties of iPad and an iPad 2, introduced in 2011, is still the most popular model. This is reported by analysts at Localytics.

According to the research results, in October of the current year the share of the iPad 2 among tablet computers, Apple accounted for 20%, making it the most common among all the existing generations of iPad. In second place with a share of 18% were located first iPad mini, and closes the top three with 17% of the iPad Air presented two years ago.

At the time the iPad 2 was literally amazed significantly improved performance with reduced size and weight, but the successors pleasing only Retina display, they became thicker and heavier. Major hardware changes were made, except that 4 iPad full-fledged “Mature enough” performance to ultra-high resolution. According to Localytics, the technical specifications have played in consumer choice not the last role. What is more, every new release improvements became less dramatic.

Among the outsiders of the rating is the first iPad with 3%, iPad mini 3 2% and represented two months ago, iPad mini 3, which accounts for only 0.3% of the total number of issued Apple tablets.

The rate of adaptation, all iPad models ahead of the third-generation iPad with Retina display, introduced in March 2012. And on the last place were the iPad mini third and fourth generation. And if the low adoption rate of iPad mini 4 can be explained by the fact that it went on sale less than two months ago, the reasons for the “failure” of the iPad mini 3 is likely to lie in the formal upgrade of this model, which received only the scanner Touch ID and modification with the gold case.

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  1. Despite there being 50-100 million iPad2’s in circulation Apple chose to anger this huge group of users by deliberately degrading the tablets performance, especially surfing speed, when users ‘upgraded’ the iOS from 6 to 7, even more upgrading to iOS 8. Once people realised what Apple had done it was too late, NO going back to iOS 6 was allowed! As money doesn’t grow on trees, many people are stuck with this slow POS for years now. Instead of forcing users to buy new iPads, this will turn many away from the iPad in the future. The closed OS is aleady a big hassle making it complicated to do simple things like moving files, songs, movies. This will be the straw that breaks the Apple fan’s back.

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