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iOS vs iOS 9.3.5 10: comparison of performance on all iPhone [video]

On Tuesday, Apple released final version iOS 10, which includes a significant number of innovations of varying degrees of significance. An important question is the extent to which the performance of the operating system, compared to the previous release. How did the function “scores” the performance of the iPhone. The answer to this question decided to give the author of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro.

After installing iOS 10 some users reported improvement in part performance of the operating system. And it’s true: comparative testing with iOS 10 showed some acceleration in standard applications. The OS now allows you to instantly return to the desktop without waiting for downloading the program.

However, some aspects of iOS 9 is still working faster. In particular, iOS 10 more slowly unlocks the device and opens the App store. In the benchmark Geekbench iOS 9 show higher results than with iOS 10, although we are talking about fractions of a percent.

It is understood that in the present case on hand the first public release of iOS 10 and later cumulative updates Apple developers finally optimize the platform. To compare the performance of operating systems in the video below.

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