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iOS vs iOS 11.0.3 11.1 beta 4: comparison of speed [video]

The release version of the new mobile operating system iOS 11 was not entirely successful. The users are complaining about bugs and freezes, and now Apple is in a hurry to fix it.

Yesterday Apple released another build of iOS 11.1 beta 4 to developers. In the system was fixed, performance is improved interface and enhanced the life time of the device from the battery.

On the popular YouTube channel iAppleBytes see a graphic performance comparison iOS vs iOS 11.0.3 11.1 beta 4. These videos will help owners of older devices to decide whether to upgrade to the new version or not. In any case, iOS 11.1 works better than the first release builds.

iOS vs iOS 11.0.3 11.1 beta 4: iPhone 5s

iOS vs iOS 11.0.3 11.1 beta 4: iphone 6

iOS vs iOS 11.0.3 11.1 beta 4: iphone 6s

iOS vs iOS 11.0.3 11.1 beta 4: iphone 7

The video clearly shows that all devices except iPhone 5s behave fine on the new iOS 11.1 beta 4. Owners of iPhone 5s is to think about the transition after at least release a stable iOS version 11.2, and until then should stay checked iOS 10.3.3.

It is expected that the update to the final version of iOS 11.1 will be available at the end of this month to all compatible devices.

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