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iOS vs. Android: how to change the performance of smartphones for the last 7 years

Edition Android Authority decided to evaluate how much the performance of smartphones running iOS and Android for the last 7 years. To assess the development of the mobile industry recall that released in 2009 the iPhone 3Gs was working on a single-core CPU Cortex-A8 clock frequency of 600 MHz, and the current flagship iPhone 6 has a top 20-nanometer A8 processor in the Cyclone architecture and a frequency of 1.4 GHz.

Resource took as a benchmark the performance of the test package Geekbench, which measures only the CPU capabilities. So to see a leap in graphics performance is not possible. Actually, in this case evaluated not only the speed change directly, but also other related aspects.

First, the journalists appreciated the change of productivity for iOS and Android. As you can see in the first chart, the performance when using all cores at the top solutions with Android last year was higher than that of the iPhone (merit OCTA core solutions). But the performance of a single core the Apple platform is superior to competitors.

We also evaluated the change in performance by brand. This graph is not so interesting, since most Android manufacturers still uses in its flagship top at the time of release of the Qualcomm platform. Nevertheless, this indicator leads Samsung.

Another illustration is the change in the performance of devices in different price segments. It is clearly seen that prior to 2013, any difference between the devices of the upper and middle price segments was not. But there was a huge gap between smartphones and lower the budget segments.

To date the distribution is more uniform, which is most likely caused by a wide range of single-chip platforms, in particular, to strengthen the position of MediaTek. Overall growth for each segment is quite linear.

According to the latest schedule, current budget decisions with performance equal to the flagships of 2012.

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