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IOS release 10.3 can free up to 8GB on your device

Usually, a new version of the mobile “OSes” Apple is additional space in the internal memory of the iPhone and iPad, but in iOS 10.3 it is not. Upgrade with a fresh version of the OS can free up to 8GB on a mobile device.

After you upgrade to 256-Gigabyte iPhone 7 Plus (on the device is stored about 40 000 photos and 200 apps) with iOS 10.2.1 to version 10.3 free memory increased from 75,45 of 83.26 GB to GB (plus 7,81 GB).

The transition to the new file system APFS allows you to take full advantage of the storage technology on SSD drives and contributes to a more efficient structuring of data in memory. One of the features of APFS is a new system of cataloging content, allowing you to save space. Because of this, the total amount of memory 256-Gigabyte iPhone 7 Plus has increased from 248,5 to 252,14 GB GB — the difference is made up 3.64 GB.

After updating to iOS on iPhone 10.3 was released 7,81 GB

In addition, the file system brings support for new storage capabilities. One example is the so-called data cloning, when a file system creates an identical copy of the file, not occupying extra space.

APFS also brings improvements in such functions as clearing the cache and removing other unnecessary files. As in previous versions, users can optimize storage by uploading full-size photos in iCloud and leaving the device smaller images.

Update iPhone and iPad on iOS 10.3 may take longer than usual because of the transition to the new file system. In some cases it can take up to 50 minutes.

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