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iOS is still leading in the corporate sector

Research firm Good Technology released a report for the III quarter of 2015 on trends observed in enterprise mobile cloud infrastructures. Despite the growing popularity of Android devices in the consumer segment, mobile platform, Apple is still dominant among corporate users worldwide.

If you believe the report within the specified period the share of iOS accounted for 66% of all activations of mobile devices made by users from the business environment. The index is 2% higher than the same recorded the quarter before. Other operating systems on the contrary their position weakened. In particular, the Android platform ended the quarter with 31%, losing 1%. The situation is deplorable with Windows Phone: now — 2% three months ago to 3%.

It should be noted the great success of iOS in the segment of tablets: from July to September, the share of iPad dropped an impressive 71% of activations. In the second quarter of the year, the desired characteristic was 64%.
Within this reporting period the power of Android tablets has fallen from 25% to 21%, Windows tablets has dropped from 11 to 8%.

Curious high popularity of iOS among employees in the public sector (83%), they are not particularly inferior to the Finance staff and the educational sector (77%), followed by insurers (68%). Love Android hi-tech (52%) and transport (50%).

And yet if we consider the long term position of smartphones and tablets Apple in the corporate segment reduced. In the third quarter of 2012, i.e. three years ago, the iPhone was responsible for 77% of activations of mobile devices, while the iPad ruled over an impressive 90%.

Earlier Apple CEO Tim cook said his company has incredible success in the corporate market and to stop there is not going. Last year the Corporation reached an agreement with IBM to work together on a new class of business apps for the iPhone and iPad, developed taking into account the experience of the past in the field of Analytics and cloud computing. Also the “blue giant” is selling iOS devices to its corporate clients around the world.

Good Technology analysts expect that iOS will continue to maintain a dominant position in the corporate market.

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