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iOS app to pay the fare in the train will be released in mid summer

MTPC announced the app “Commuter ticket” for devices running iOS. Mobile client will get the same features as the version for Android that was released about six months ago.

Using “commuter ticket” for iOS you will have to write subscription/single ticket on the transport card “Troika”, “Arrow” and “MTPC” or single one and save it to iPhone memory. To buy travel, it will be necessary to run the application, choose the date, departure station and arrival press the “buy” button and enter your credit card details.

Then you have to choose in what form to keep the paid travel. If we are talking about Android devices, after confirmation of payment, you can put the transport card to the back of your smartphone and click “write to card”. On the iPhone you can preserve a single ticket in the smartphone’s memory. In this case, it is necessary to attach the device to the yellow circle on the loading turnstiles with stickers.

With the ticket recorded on a smartphone or tablet using already running applications “commuter ticket”, it is possible to pass through several turnstiles — they glued special stickers.

The app “Commuter ticket” will also allow you to see the current schedule and to read the current status of the ticket on the transport map.

According to the auction documentation, the iOS app is scheduled to launch in July this year.

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