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iOS 9 will help the Chinese to overcome the “Great Chinese firewall”

In the new edition of the mobile platform iOS 9 implemented a large number of useful improvements, including the power saving mode, smart assistant Proactive and improved maps. But users in China especially appreciated the feature that is little discussed in the media and on the thematic areas.

iOS 9 has brought new possibilities in the way of implementation of the Protocol virtual private networks (VPN). Although for most users, innovation is not particularly valuable, for the Chinese people is a true gift.

The fact is that in the beginning, the government of China has improved the filtration system data in order to further isolate the Chinese segment of the Internet from the rest of the world. Strengthening of Internet filters, often called the “great Chinese firewall”, made it difficult users access to American services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google using a virtual private network.

If the owners of iPhone and iPad could using a VPN to browse the Internet-resources, in February and this technology stopped working. The PRC government has implemented technology-blocking VPN traffic through technology in-depth analysis of network packets. The country is on track to build an alternative Internet environment, which is easier to control. Filters, on the one hand, not missing materials critical of the government, on the other fence of the local Internet company from a strong foreign competitors. At the same time the Beijing leadership seeks to strengthen the control over working in the country American IT companies.

Apple for its part has done everything possible to help the residents of China to bypass the firewall. VPN providers add an additional layer of encryption to hide the traffic, but Apple has implemented a special method of its implementation called Network Extension Points.

As told by the founder of a Hong Kong company Pay4Bugs Larry Salibra, the developers of VPN services used for bypassing the “Golden shield” got in the face of iOS 9 support first class.” “To iOS 9 Apple supported several well-known standards VPN, they are easily detected and blocked by the Great Chinese firewall,” said he.

Innovation will help Chinese dissidents to circumvent censorship and get access to all of the information in the Network. Although Apple is likely to have made changes in the first place for its corporate clients.

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