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iOS 9 will follow the sex life of the user

Operating system iOS 9 will track the frequency and quality of sexual contacts of the owner of the gadget, according to a new section in the regular Apple app called “Health”.

Users who are tired of the standard fitness apps like pedometers, calorie counters or diary iOS 9 offers a variety of life and to give control of iPhone and their sexual activity. In the latest update introduces a tracker, able to follow the frequency, time and type of sexual contact.

The function, which is called “Sexual activity”, included in the Health app, which is included in the basic package and is automatically installed on the mobile device when switching to iOS 9.

The data for the systematization and registration must be entered manually. That is, the device owner himself will have to establish, for example, the date, the type of sexual intercourse, and also to specify use contraceptives (in Russian localization – “protection”). Finally, the owner of the gadget will be able to share their own achievements by sending someone a schedule of sexual activity.

For what purpose had this function and it is better than the stereotypical “notches on the bedpost” – we can only guess. Perhaps it will be useful for the pedants, accustomed to control every aspect of your life, and maybe people who have multiple sexual partners.

iOS 9 is available for download as a beta version, the final version will be released this fall.

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