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iOS 9 will bury jailbreak

Apple has developed for the upcoming release of iOS 9 and OS X 10.10 new protection technology, which casts doubt on the future of jailbreaking. This is reported by reliable sources. The technology is called “Rootless”.

“Sources close to the development process, spoke about the new security system Rootless, which Apple referred to as scale – it operates at the kernel level iOS and OS X. for the purpose of protection from malware, security enhancement, and extension of protection of personal data, Rootless will limit access to some system files, even for users with administrator rights. This will be a serious blow to the jailbreak community. On OS X will be able to disable this system.”

With every new release Apple increases security of the operating system and hackers, no matter how talented they are, harder to find vulnerabilities and use them for the public release of exploit. Never before protection OSes was not as strong as in iOS 9. Experts compare the possibility of creating a jailbreak for this system to search keys for the five doors: they have a key for the second door, but no key for the first, they will not be able to do anything.

Apple will officially unveil iOS 9 at the opening of WWDC 2015. It is expected that fundamental changes to the design of the mobile platform the company makes will not be radically the appearance of iOS already changed in the seventh version. “Nine” is engaged in the liquidation of issues and problems, and tries to make operating systems more sustainable, stable, productive and safe.

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How successful are the attempts of hackers to find vulnerabilities to execute arbitrary code and release a jailbreak for iOS 9, will show time.

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