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iOS 9 will automatically turn off the power saving mode when reaching 80% charge

In the latest iOS 9 has implemented a number of techniques aimed at optimizing the mobile platform. Apple is particularly proud of the reduction in the size of the upgrade from 4.6 GB to 1.8 GB and increase battery life iPhone for one hour. In the framework of this concept Apple has added to OS specific function of saving energy.

The so-called “low power mode” in iOS 9 is able to add 3 hours to standard time phone usage. Move the switch to “low power Mode” to “On” allows the OS is more economical to use the hardware capabilities of the device is reduced and performance of the gadget network activity; checking email, background refresh program, motion effects and animated Wallpaper off, the screen is translated into its off position for 5 seconds.

Apple used a number of techniques that simplify the user interaction with the economical mode. The system prompts you to activate the function by reducing the battery level to 20%. In a standard window, indicating a weak battery, the button “low power Mode” that allows you to use the function. In this case, when the user connects the iPhone to the adapter iOS 9 automatically disables silent mode when you reach 80% charge. On the device screen displays a message to notify.

Switch Mode low power” is in the new section of the Battery iOS 9. Same here, Apple has transferred the usage statistics of a mobile device showing the usage time since last charge, and toggle “Battery percentage”.

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