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IOS 9 have found references to a new Apple TV with support for games and applications

In addition to the technical characteristics of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro code iOS 9 revealed some features of the operating system for Apple TV. Apparently, the new set-top box will be able to run games and apps.

How do I find the developer Steven Trenton Media, next generation Apple TV will get an opportunity to run applications that create that will third-party developers. Thus, the device will have its own software store App Store like iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch.

“It is not surprising that in iOS 9 there are many links on the Apple TV, including UIKit frameworks and GameKit. Bodes well for the emergence of a new model,” writes the developer.

I must say that no it is not the first leak associated with Apple TV. In the beginning of the month the unit was first detected in the list of developer tools.

In addition to the app store, the next generation Apple TV may get a new touchpad remote control, which will have only two conventional mechanical buttons. In other words, the touch control will be replaced by a large four-way key.

Also, the Apple TV will have access to a new streaming Apple TV with the broadcast of 25 popular channels, including Fox, ABC, CBS, and others. Earn service must already autumn, the cost of a monthly subscription will be $30-40. Currently the “Apple” of the company has reached an agreement with HBO, according to which owners of Apple TV for $15 to gain access to the content of this channel.

The official announcement of the new Apple TV, expected to take place in the autumn, simultaneously with the presentation of the iPhone 6s and the release of iOS 9.

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