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iOS 9 has learned low-temporarily remove applications to install updates

Update iOS 9 beta 2 brought a new intelligent operating system upgrade which is appreciated by the owners of devices with small internal storage capacity. OS learned themselves when necessary to remove and restore the apps installed on the iPhone and iPad.

According to the user’s Twitter account Kaleb_Butt on his iPhone while trying to install iOS 9 beta 2 appeared a window with a warning about the shortage of available space:

“Not enough space to download. In order to make space for software update some apps need to be temporarily removed. All the deleted apps will be automatically restored after the upgrade is complete. Want to continue?”.

If the user agrees by clicking “Allow to delete the app, the update will continue. Otherwise, iOS will terminate the update.

This innovation is implemented in accordance with the new concept of optimizing Apple App known as Thinning. In iOS 9 implemented several mechanisms, including Slicing App that allows you to exclude from builds games and apps unused parts of the code, for example for 32-bit processors and On-Demand Resources, when the device may load only a part of the games, and the rest will be loaded as it passes.

The final version of iOS 9 will be released in the fall – a year after the release of iOS 8. This release aims to improve stability and reliability, and brings a number of new features. Among the features of the new power saving mode, multitasking on the iPad, improved notes app news.

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