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iOS 9 for user convenience will update at night

In the new operating system iOS 9 has a function to automatically download software updates to update iPhone and iPad in a user-friendly time. What is new about the Apple platform described in the framework of the training sessions of WWDC 2015.

“We changed the method of providing updates to the end user, – said the head of the development platform for OS X Andreas Wendker. – Users will have the choice to install the update now or at night, when he will not use the device”.

Similar Apple uses in OS X operating system since the release of Mavericks. The button “Install later” on computers provides automatic software updates from 2 to 5 o’clock in the morning, when the computer is in standby mode. The installation of software packages is done completely automatically. The computer saves the state and, if necessary, without restarts. A Mac user since morning can continue from the same place, but with updated system.

Now a similar scheme implemented on devices with iOS 9. In the screenshot below you can see a window indicating there is an update for iOS 9.0.1, with three buttons – “Install now”, “Install later” and “Details”. The right shows the notification about successful update of iOS to version 9.0.1. It will be seen by the user, taking up the morning up the device.

iOS 9 officially unveiled at WWDC 2015. Among the key features of the new platform — improved performance, optimized power consumption and an advanced search technology-based Proactive Assistant. To upgrade to the “nine” will be available to all iPhone and iPad, including the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. Apple has reduced the size of the update platform will require no more than 1.3 GB of memory instead of 4,6 GB iOS 8.

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  1. This didn’t work for me.
    And it asked me to agree with terms (&conditions) right after choosing that option, so I supposed it would be installed if those two conditions of night hour and plugged in would be met.
    But it didn’t.

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