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iOS 9 allows you to turn the iPhone keyboard to the trackpad

This week Apple became the main supplier of news from high-tech industries. All thanks to WWDC and submitted to the new products. One of them was the operating system iOS 9, which introduces a new regime of multi-tasking and advanced capabilities of iPad keyboard. Some of these features will be available on the iPhone.

With the release of iOS 9, the iPads will be updated in the keyboard, in which there are new buttons for quick copy, insert text, and other actions. The virtual keyboard unit can be turned into a trackpad for cursor control. You need to touch the keyboard with two fingers, then you can easily fabricate your own pieces of text to copy to the clipboard. As it turned out, this feature works the same on iPhone with iOS 9.

The trackpad is not the only improvement on the new iPad OS. When you’re browsing photos, you can take notes, access the browser and your library at the same time and so on. You can open not even two, but a whole range of programs at the same time and choose how much space they occupy on the screen. Display options called multitasking SlideOver and Split View.

Split View, i.e. the view of the two applications, each of which occupies half of the screen, will be available only on the iPad Air 2 is the flagship model. SlideOver and picture-in-picture will also work on iPad Air first generation, and on all versions of the iPad Mini. In any case, full multitasking will be possible to experience only on the new iPad, and some experts have claimed that Apple is trying to entice users to purchase the latest models.

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