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iOS 9.3 learned how to update the firmware of accessories via a new interface Smart Connector in iPad Pro

IOS 9.3 allows you to update the firmware of the accessories through the Smart Connector. This fact drew the attention of German developer Stephen Wolfram once connected the Logitech keyboard to Create your iPad Pro.

The new interface Smart Connector first debuted in the 12.9-inch tablet Apple. He interacts with the conductive material inside brand keyboard and Smart Keyboard provides two way data and power. The appearance of this interface allowed users to abandon Bluetooth accessories and connect your iPad to multiple peripheral devices – one using the Lightning connector, the second Smart Connector.

A new connector has not only provided a direct connection of peripherals to the iPad, but also the ability to update the firmware of devices. This was first used by Logitech, which thus eliminated the problem with the keyboard Create.

Users of the gadget for a long time complained of some delays when you press a key and missing characters. After installing the beta version of iOS 9.3 the owners of the devices found window “to Update the Smart accessory Connector”. iPad for 30-40 seconds upgraded the firmware and all problems with the keyboard disappeared. The screenshots below shows the process of updating Logitech Create via Smart Connector.

In addition to the function update of firmware of iOS accessories 9.3 will bring some changes in system apps. So, the Notes will be able to limit access to records by locking them with a password or Touch ID. In the system app “Health” will have sections with information about the user’s activity, and in the news aggregator of Apple News – video support and horizontal mode.

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In addition, 9.3 iOS will offer users the function of “Night shift” designed to improve sleep iPhone and iPad, Apple updated the CarPlay interface, the ability to connect to iPhone a few the Apple Watch and use multiplayer mode on the iPad. Read more about all the features of iOS 9.3 can be found here.

Release public version of iOS 9.3 is expected in March this year.

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