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iOS 9.0.1 vs. iOS 9.1 beta 2: comparison of work [video]

This week Apple released two updates to the operating system iOS 9. September 23 saw the release of cumulative update iOS 9.0.1, after which came the second test Assembly major iOS updates 9.1. User YouTube-channel iAppleBytes, regularly testing software update Apple decided to compare operating system is speed.

Cumulative update iOS 9.0.1 debuted a week after the release of the final version – without testing among developers. In it Apple has solved the problem with some standard applications that have restored VPN services and alarm clocks, fix for the bug that caused the loss of cell data by some users.

As for iOS 9.1, the second test Assembly pack is designed for developers, became available two weeks after the release of the first. iOS 9.1 contains a number of new features for iPad and is expected to be released in November this year along with the iPad Pro. The keyboard was placed about 40 new emoticons, including images of the unicorn, amphorae and Emoji with the image of the middle finger. Except for a set of new icons in the OS setting for “Show contact photos” in Messages.

Testing iOS 9.0.1 and iOS 9.1 beta 2 was quite detailed. Enthusiast the experiments were conducted three times – on the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. The litmus test for us is the OS on the low-end device – the iPhone 4s.

Users who expect that with the next update of “nine” gadgets will start to “fly”, probably will be disappointed. Test gadget with iOS 9.1 not only works faster, but in most cases lags behind rival iOS 9.0.1. Although, of course, be aware that iOS 9.1 is still in the testing phase.

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