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iOS 8 is installed on 85% of Apple mobile devices

Apple has published fresh data on the distribution of versions of iOS. Platform is iOS 8 now installed on 85% of the devices shows a section of the site for developers of the company.

Adaptation of the system took a longer time than adapting a previous version of iOS 7. For the achievement of the target in 85% of iOS 8 it took nine months.

Low iOS 8 adoption was marked last year by third-party observers, and later confirmed by Apple.

It’s hard to say what factors influenced the slow propagation speed of the new system. Many users report a large amount of bugs in the first release. Others did not like the feature set. A frequent complaint is the size of the update requires approximately 5 GB of free space. All this affected the speed of propagation of the new system.

After the first update, the situation began to improve, which increased the popularity of iOS 8. But the spread of the platform is still much inferior to the sixth and seventh editions. For iOS 7 remains 13%, and an earlier version of iOS is still installed on 2% of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

It is worth noting that the achievement of a mark of 85% for the nine months — slow speed only by the standards of Apple. For every other company is an impressive figure. The share of Android Lollipop, which debuted almost simultaneously with iOS 8, just over 12%.

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