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iOS 8.4 causing abnormal battery drain iPhone and iPad

IPhone owners use vivid adjectives to describe the battery life of their devices after updating to iOS 8.4. They say that the new firmware “destroyed the battery” that it is “nothing left”. Some attribute this to the update of the Music application, integrated with a streaming service.

Update iOS 8.4 led to a significant reduction in battery life of the iPhone, reports Cnews, collected the complaints of users on Twitter. “Has anyone noticed that Apple Music doesn’t work? At 9:15, after I installed the update, I had 100%. Now 38% and it’s only been an hour and a half,” wrote Joffrey Fowler.

According to the iPhone user Dario of Oropesa, an hour the battery in the smartphone declined by 21%. “Battery life in iOS 8.4 fell!” — confirms R4z3r. “Wow, iOS 8.4 destroyed my battery. The charge decreased by 60% in just an hour,” said OldSchoolHeel. “Ha-ha, with iOS 8.4 battery nothing left,” laughs dAn.

The main innovation in iOS 8.4 is the updated Music app, which combined music player and a new streaming service Apple Music with the functions of music recommendation. According to its users, a new option has played a significant role in reducing the operating time.

Other complaints relate to installing iOS 8.4. The user jstass reported that when upgrading iPhone 6 Plus, the process stopped in the middle. The problem was solved with a new attempt after a “hard” reset your phone in the process failed installing updates. The user ENX stated that after upgrading to iOS 8.4 him to lose all previously downloaded to the device music. With it disappeared playlists. “There were only those songs that I bought,” he said.

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Other owner, jjwiecz, complained on an Internet forum Apple that after the firmware update it from the music library disappeared, all the lyrics, which he had previously added manually. On the lack of support for lyrics in iOS 8.4 notice and journalist Re/code’s Walt Mossberg. He attributed this to the shortcomings of the updated application. At Apple assured that they are working to resolve.

In General, the updated Music app in iOS 8.4 was warmly welcomed by the users. Also Walt Mossberg liked that the app collected all recorded on iPhone music together, and now there is no need to switch between different programs on the phone. In turn, the browser Mashable Christina Warren shared that the new recommendations feature “is” guess the music that she likes.

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