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IOS 5 chips 10 that are worth a try in the first place

This week Apple released an update iOS 10 for public testing. The Network has already appeared the first reviews of the beta testers iPhone and iPad about the new operating system. Users cherished the release agree that iOS 10 can be called the most significant update to Apple’s mobile platform in recent years.

Today MacDigger tell what is a good first step to try upgrading to iOS 10.

1. To add widgets to the lock screen

IOS 10, swipe notifications, right, instead of the usual home screen you will see a new panel that iOS 9 was a tab “Today” notification Center. Here is a set of widgets “Prompts Siri, Weather, Apple Music, Promotions, Photos and more. The panels themselves are presented in an updated format.

Widgets have become larger in size and placed in transparent blocks each widget in a separate window. The number and order of elements can be configured. Click the “Edit” button, click the plus sign next to the desired widget and confirm with the finish button.

2. Send the original message

In iOS 10 there is a new way to share messages with friends and family with personalized features. iMessage supports animated characters, such as balloons, fireworks and confetti that can be displayed on the entire screen to set a festive mood. All you need to send: write a message and hold on the blue arrow that is responsible for the shipment, and choose the desired effect.

If you send the user iOS 10 the congratulations message, the Messages app will lose the special video and audio effect. The screenshot shows what the effects are displayed when messages are sent “congrats” and “happy birthday!”. The new feature works for English-speaking users.

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3. Reminisce

The Photos app in iOS 10 allows you to relive the most important and forgotten moments, retained in the collection of photos, displaying them in the mode of Memories. The feature scans your library of images and videos that finds important events and trips and displays them in a beautifully designed collection. Mode Memory is a function of Memory Movie – automatically creates a video with music, titles and transitions from frame to frame in the style of the film.

4. To set “sleep Mode”

IOS 10 in the default Clock app available feature called “sleep Mode”. Apple offers to simplify the process of customizing an application, asking a number of questions. The user is prompted to specify the required number of hours for sleep and active days of the week.

After the initial setup in the “Hours” will be a separate tab “sleep Mode”. Shown here is the graphic dial allows you to quickly adjust the duration of sleep. To change the time of sleep and waking is necessary to shift the orange slider clockwise or counterclockwise. After setup, the app will automatically send notifications when it’s time to go to bed. Falling asleep and awakening at the same time every day is key to healthy sleep!

5. To remove the standard apps

In iOS 10 have the option to delete standard apps. Now you can translate icons into move mode and to remove them from the home mobile device. This applies to 18 of preinstalled apps, including Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Home, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Music, Notes, Weather and many others. If necessary you can re-download from the App Store.

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In fact, this process is not so simple as it may seem. The so-called deletion of apps in iOS 10 does not remove code from the operating system. The source code remains in the OS. By and large, Apple is not allowed to get rid of proprietary software, but only to hide it from the home screen.

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