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iOS 11 will take care of devices with small memory

At the presentation of the 2017 WWDC Apple has spent a lot of time iOS 11, and the story about the new upgrade opportunities, but the company mentioned only the most important features and innovations. IOS 11, you can find hundreds of innovations, so for a detailed narrative about each just did not have enough time.

One of the most important improvements that Apple dropped at WWDC, is a new means of memory management. If your iPhone or iPad is not enough space, just go to Settings -> General –> Store iPhone and see what data is taking up the most space. Here is an interactive chart illustrating the distribution of space by type of content.

In iOS 11 has a function so called “smart” removal of applications saving settings and data. To do this, simply choose any of the listed programs or the game and click “Unload unused”.

In addition, in the same paragraph settings appear regularly recommendations for optimizing available memory on the device. For example, if iOS 11 will detect that the Messages take up too much space, the user will be prompted to automatically delete all the correspondence, which is more than 12 months. You can also automatically delete old and unused apps, if iPhone or iPad is sorely lacking memory.

Yuuus. Even better! You can seriously triage AND storage recommendations.

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) 5 Jun 2017

While Apple increases the amount of drive in the iPhone and iPad, and also gives more space in iCloud, it’s good that the company cares about the efficient use of the available device space.

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