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iOS 11 will solve the problem with the lack of free space on your iPhone and iPad

IOS 11, Apple has added recommendations for data management on the iPhone and iPad that can help you not only to know which apps take up the most space, but also to free up memory. Last year Sierra macOS got a similar function: “About this Mac” – “Storage” — “Drive”.

To manage the available storage on your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11, go to “Settings” then “Storage, iPhone”. Here you will see guidelines that will help to free up device memory. New functionality allows you to see the date of the last use of the application. If it have not been used, perhaps it’s time to remove it?

As in iOS 10 and iOS 11, you can click on the icon of the application you need to get on it more information. Some of them you can delete data directly from the opened menu, for example, in Safari, while others can “download” from your device (saves data) or to remove completely.

If you enable the function “Unload unused” section in the iTunes Store and App Store, then unused apps will be deleted automatically (with preservation of their documents and data). If they will be available in the App Store, return deleted so the program can “one-click”.

Another new feature is at the bottom of the iPhone settings. It lets you know how much memory is installed the iOS “System”partition.

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