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iOS 11 will offer new applications for NFC-enabled chip in the iPhone

15.07.2017 0 Comments

In June 2017 at WWDC, Apple introduced a new framework for iOS CoreNFC 11, which will expand the options of using NFC chip built-in iPhone and Apple Watch. As in the case of Apple Pay, the screen of the smartphone will receive a notification of the need to bring the device to the NFC tag. After a scan, the device will display the information about the product.


iOS 11 will offer new applications for NFC-enabled chip in the iPhone

Now in iPhone functionality is limited to only NFC payment system Apple Pay. Third party systems access the chip closed. Unlike the Android operating system to connect your iPhone to Bluetooth speakers or NFC tags to quickly launch applications, contactless to exchange links go photos can not.

The situation will change with the release of iOS 4 and 11 watchOS. NFC in the iPhone can be used for instant pairing of mobile speakers, and other accessories, and the Apple Watch to interact with the equipment in the fitness room. Thanks Core NFC users will be able to diversify the use cases of the Wallet, making the iPhone a universal key card to enter the building, pass through, or travel on public transport.


The company WISeKey has announced that its smart tag, CapSeal now supports the iPhone thanks to the NFC Core. CapSeal is used for authentication, traceability and protection against counterfeiting products in the store. Many companies offer similar solutions.

“For example, when you put a smartphone with NFC to the bottle of wine, chip identificeret it as ePassport. You get the same level of security. In addition, the company will be able to pass messages to the user. For example, whether the bottle is open”.

iOS 11 will offer new applications for NFC-enabled chip in the iPhone


At the moment Core NFC compatible with iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the framework works with the 1-5 tags that contain information in the NDEF format.

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