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IOS 11 will be available asexual emoticons

In iOS 11, the announcement of which will be held in June this year, there will be new Emoji asexual. An appropriate announcement was made by the Unicode consortium.

According to the organization, the Unicode standard 10.0 will include three floors with a neutral smiley. Electronic gadgets will appear Emoji child, adult and elderly, each of which will be gender-neutral especially for those people who do not belong to men nor to women.

“From the point of view of the floor of the new Emoji don’t mean clearly neither male nor female”, the statement reads Unicode.

A list of the new Emoji will be approved in the near future, so the icons will be available in mid-2017.

“Not all associate themselves with men or with women. Some people think of themselves as both genders, or even as something completely different. Think of adequate ways of expressing the human body through the smile you can find, regardless of gender identity,” said designer and font developer Paul hunt.

Emojis, according to experts, are open to interpretation.

One of the promises of this idea was the elimination of gender inequality. This is especially true of absolutely asexual emoticons: for example, the police and the Builder (who is depicted in the proposed list of Emoji men) or a hairdresser and a masseur (which are clearly feminine traits).

Experts believe that the variability of smiles will contribute to the representation of the interests of the greatest number of people in the Network. They call it a demonstration at the same time “and the unity and diversity of people.”

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