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IOS 11 will be a new app to automate actions Automator based Workflow

As is known in the macOS built a great solution to automate actions called Automator. Alas, in iOS Apple developers yet nothing of the sort added. The problem can be corrected in the next edition of the mobile OS. IOS 11, according to rumors, will appear the application designed to automate a number of routine tasks and thus save much precious time of the iPhone and iPad. This was stated by the forum user Reddit under the nickname Cyanhat.

Modern OSes crammed with all sorts of built-in functions to make life easier for users. The functions of these so much that for that year, from the shelves of bookstores do not go the manuals in the spirit of “iOS for dummies. Edition 45th revised and corrected”. Alas, most users don’t even read such books and for each one, sometimes very simple. It is, in General, the normal approach, although in reality very infrequent to the mobile mass have to resize the pictures or upload photos from websites.

The idea is that for many very routine tasks could take and to write, if not program (it’s really not all), then a small script. The benefit of any self-respecting OS from time immemorial, supported by bat/sh scripts, or interpreters were available for the development of simple programming languages like Basic or Perl/Python. But most users are too lazy to delve into, and then the destiny mobile iOS is somewhat different.

However in the next version of the software platform are provided with a dedicated application for automation under the name Automator. It will work on the principles of Workflow utilities bought by Apple earlier this year. Users can simply selecting the template library to specify the desired action and configure, if necessary, its parameters. The result of the work, that is, its output will become input for the following steps. In the end, we get a sequence of actions. For example, we are creating GIF from photos, add home screen icons for favorite contacts, a “run” on Twitter the name of the song that plays in the player or download to your device all images from a web site.

Similar app Automator, according to Cyanhat appear in macOS 10.13. Desktop app with a simple and user-friendly interface will replace the original application for automation. A new software tool was reported to have become an important part of the operating systems iOS and macOS 11 10.13, the announcement of which will take place in early June at WWDC 2017.

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