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iOS 11: top 5 most anticipated features of the new platform

iOS 10 is a worthy update of the mobile platform with lots of innovation. However, there are features which are still not enough users that Apple should pay attention. Besides, this year’s anniversary goes iPhone, which should get better hardware and software.

1. Redesign

Updated nearly four years ago iOS already rather outdated, so it would not hurt to rethink the design of icons and other interface elements of the operating system. Cydia offers a large number of themes that look much better than the current appearance of iOS.

2. Dark color theme

Perhaps the most discussed and certainly the most expected innovation iOS 11 – dark interface theme. At the moment, the iOS interface is too bright, which work with the device in the dark is not too comfortable. The ability to invert the colors of the interface would solve the problem. Moreover, the new iPhone will have OLED display, which consumes no energy when displaying black.

3. New volume control

The current volume slider in the iOS overrides the split-screen. It is advisable to move the slider in the upper part of the display, where it will not obstruct the contents of the screen.

4. New camera settings

The current camera app on the iPhone is too simple, because it lacks even minimum settings. For example, in order to change the video resolution the user needs to exit the camera and go to settings of your operating system. Apple would simplify life for many users, if I moved the camera settings directly in the camera app. Also it is necessary to add new parameters for mobile photography lovers.

5. Updated notifications

Notifications in iOS is terrible, and it’s hard to argue. In this respect, the obvious advantage over Android, which allows you to interact with each alert. And in General, notifications on Android to use than iOS.

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