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iOS 11 to iOS 10: visual comparison of interfaces [gallery]

On Monday Apple announced the new operating system iOS 11 and released the first beta version for developers. The platform contains many innovations and changes, including at the UI level. MacDigger decided to conduct a side by side comparison of iOS and iOS 11 10.

In the new iOS 11 pleasant new chips combined with bugs preview. Importantly, it became clear that design changes compared to the previous version present in every corner of the operating system, starting from the home screen, ending with the standard applications. IOS 11 as a whole leaves a pleasant impression.

Further comparison of the iOS interface 11 (left) and iOS 10 (right).

Control: fully repainted in iOS 11. It’s finally possible to customize: to add new buttons in the bottom row.

It looks like the settings control in iOS 10 and iOS 11

App Store: in iOS the 11, the app store looks like the Apple Music with a daily selection from editors Apple selections on the subject of a separate tab in the “Games” app of the day, game day, etc.

The Phone app in iOS 11 preserving the same organization of tabs, but the program looks in line with the new concept of design: bold, bright titles, etc.

IOS 11 to replace the iCloud Drive app it app Files. Of course, no system file in the OS did not appear. In fact, this is the folder which contains links to files that you were working on – all in one place.

The password entry screen in iOS 11 looks different.

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Settings: the settings have not changed, except for the larger header and the updated search string.

Siri: in iOS 11, updated animations, voice assistant, increased the font size.

Calculator: standard calculation app in iOS 11 received a round button and a new color scheme. The calculator interface resembles the one on the first iPhone.

Home screen: iOS 11 you notice updated the cellular data indicator, the bold font of the labels and signatures no application in the dock.

Messages: Apple has updated the panel with widgets iMessage – making it more visible and convenient. Without leaving messages, send music, tickets, links to Dropbox or apartment on Airbnb.

Camera: in iOS 11, the Camera app has received a new section to effects more compact, but less intuitive, than iOS 10.

On the home screen iPad in iOS 11 there is a new dock style Mac. It can be called to screen with a simple swipe from the bottom edge of the screen (instead of control).

New UI control in iOS 11 on the iPad. Open by double clicking on the Home button. The right side shows the programs that have been used recently, and no matter where – on your iPad, iPhone or MacBook.

IOS 11, Apple has taken a new approach to multitasking on the iPad with support for drag and drop. Write the letter, opened photos or files pulled, thrown into the letter.

The new App Store interface on the iPad

The keyboard in iOS on the iPad 11 allows you to dial numbers with a simple swipe down on the keys in the top row.

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