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iOS 11: the five coolest new features available in Russia. And three – not available

In September this year after the presentation of iPhone 8 Apple will release iOS 11. It offered hundreds of changes and improvements, big and small. We chose eight of the coolest new features of the new platform. Not all of them will be available to Russian users, at least at the time of release of the new “OSes”.

Yes: the new Item control with the ability to customize

In iOS 11 Item management has undergone significant changes. OS from Apple has always been famous for the fact that there are very few settings and this, they say, is good for inexperienced users. Well, now everything has changed: in the control there was a whole set of options and function you can “sharpen” to suit your needs.

No: Siri as a translator

11 in the iOS voice assistant Siri can translate English to Chinese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Russian is not on the list and we do not believe that the new Siri functionality will be included in our region. However, if you go on vacation…

Yes: the automatic removal of unused applications

In iOS 11 added the option called Download unused. If on an iPhone or iPad running out of space, it automatically and quietly deletes the app, while keeping all its settings and data. The icon is gray, clicking on it you can download the app from the App Store again.

Theoretically it sounds great, but again Apple is acting like the Internet is literally rubber. Probably this feature will immediately want to turn anyone with a mobile traffic is not unlimited.

Yes: the possibility of recording video from screen

11 iOS allows you to record video from the screen. And to make it quite simple – it’s a standard option of the new operating system. Function greatly simplifies life for application developers and ordinary users. In the final version of iOS 11 it is expected the possibility of streaming images from the iPhone home screen and iPad.

No: navigation indoors

In the Apple Maps in iOS 11 will be maps of many public spaces like train stations, shopping centres and museums. But not Russian, of course. Apple is not a pioneer counterparts have Google and “Yandex”. But the “Yabloko” to the hands of Russia yet do not reach.

Yes: document scanning

11 in the iOS Notes app can be turned into a full-fledged scanner. Using the iPhone camera, the app is able to scan documents and convert them to PDF. And allow look inside. And edit. More information about this function can be found here.

No: Updated Apple News

Apple News iOS 11 even better informs readers: voice assistant Siri offers the latest news and topics in a new tab is displayed to Spotlight the best stories, daily selected by the editors of Apple. In Today view you can see the best videos of the day. Unfortunately, the news aggregator of Apple News is still not available in Russia.

Yes: comfortable typing with one hand

In iOS 11 a new keyboard, which is recognized to provide a comfortable typing with one hand on a 5.5-inch screens. You can activate it by long hold of a key with a globe image. You will be prompted to choose which side of the keyboard needs to be shifted: to the right or left.

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