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iOS 11: the 5 things you need to know about the world’s most advanced mobile OS

After a few weeks Apple will unveil a new mobile platform iOS 11. While the company has not officially confirmed the upcoming announcement, but on the basis of the annual cycle, the presentation of OS will take place in June. In this article we have gathered five things you need to know about the upcoming update “the world’s most advanced mobile operating system”.

Date of announcement of iOS 11

The last few years, Apple announces new edition of iOS in the summer at the world conference for developers (WWDC). The company has already sent out invitations for WWDC 2017 and confirmed the date of the presentation.

The event will be held from 5 to 9 June in San Jose, near Apple headquarters in Cupertino Park. If you are waiting for iOS 11, then you should mark June 5 on the calendar, because on this day Apple will hold an announcement of new products.

To see the presentation of new products Apple will be on Apple’s official website and mobile app keynote.

iOS 11 beta

As a rule, a preliminary version of the OS comes out immediately after the announcement at WWDC. Thus, developers will be able to see the iOS already 11 in the evening of 5 June.

It is expected that the OS will be available for both developers and participants of the open testing program. Traditionally, the first released preview build for developers, and a few weeks – version for normal users.

A public beta will be able to set everyone, but for the version for developers will need a developer account.

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Release date iOS 11

The release date of the final version of iOS 11 is not yet defined. And it is unlikely Apple will call it during WWDC. But chances are the OS will be available for download in mid-September together with the new generation iPhone.

So, to summarize:

  • The announcement of iOS 11 will take place on 5 June at WWDC 2017.
  • iOS 11 beta will be available for download in June.
  • IOS 11 will be held in the autumn together with iPhone 8.

Will I be able to install iOS 11?

Apple has not made any official statements, but it is easy to assume which devices will receive upgrades this year. Of course, will be able to upgrade the iPhone and iPad of the last generation. IPhone 7, iPad Pro and iPad mini 4 to worry about for several years.

However, there are controversial devices. For example, the iPhone 5. According to rumors, Apple intends to stop supporting 32-bit devices, so iPhone 5, and iPhone 5C and iPad 4 will be left without iOS 11.

The first hints that the 32-bit gadgets dead, appeared in iOS 10.2.1. Clips, a new program of Apple for video editing that is not available on iPhone 5 and other devices with 32-bit processors.

Newer smartphones and tablets, particularly iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 needs to update.

What’s new in iOS 11

Information about the features of iOS 11 are rather contradictory. According to Business Insider, Apple is planning to add in the standard camera app support for augmented reality. The company has long been interested in this technology, but it is unclear when we will see integration with the OS.

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IPhone and iPad users in iOS 11 waiting for full dark UI mode. Some elements of the dark themes were seen in the beta version of iOS 10, but before the release she never got. It is likely that Apple adds it to iOS 11.

Significant changes are in store for the iPad. According to rumors, the company is working on enhanced support for digital pen Apple Pencil. According to sources, Apple is considering the possibility to add annotations in many standard applications, including Mail, Safari and iMessage. Apple Music has a large-scale redesign and a new tab with the video.

Special attention Apple will pay to the autonomy of the iPhone and iPad. First power saving mode appeared in iOS 9: developers care about the battery consumption of the gadgets are turned off the most “expensive” processes, such as visual effects and background updates. Now if it is enabled on your iPhone and iPad manually, then iOS 11 technology will work in automatic mode.

Another important innovation in iOS 11 for audio calls. One close to the Apple source claims that the new OS will be support group FaceTime calls. The feature will allow users to start a group call from chat to iMessage. The maximum number of sides is 5.

If the owner of an iPhone with iOS 11 will call the iPhone user, the call will automatically go through FaceTime. This option is likely to cause frustration among the mobile operators, as it would deprive the audience of owners of Apple’s smartphone per minute billing.

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