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iOS 11 shows the usage statistics of the operator

In fact, all functions and features of iOS 11 discussed already more than once. However, the test version of the operating system continue to receive new features, and iOS 11 beta 3, which debuted last Monday, is no exception.

Earlier in the iPhone settings it was impossible to see almost any information from the cellular operator. For example, to find the amount used of the Internet it was necessary to go to a special app from your provider’s cell service.

IOS 11, if you go to Settings -> Cellular, you can find a large amount of useful information received from the provider. Here you can view the amount of used traffic, calls, or SMS, as well as to know the date and time of the next payment for the connection.

Statistics on the use of operator services

iOS has long offered the statistics of mobile Internet usage, but these data could significantly differ from the billing operator, so it is always useful to have current information directly from the person who provides communications services.

At the moment, the feature only works with T-Mobile, but soon will support other operators.

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