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iOS 11: setting the timer from the lock screen and 3 hidden functions control

One of the major innovations of iOS 11 – completely redesigned control room. Apple not only changed the panel design, but also made it more functional. So now almost every icon support 3D Touch. In addition, there are some new functions that you can perform without even having to unlock the device.

Quick access to selfie

If you don’t know why the control points need the camera icon, then here is the answer – for quick access to most popular modes. For example, you can immediately proceed to taking selfies, video, picture, or video in slo-mo mode.

Copy results from the calculator

The design of the Calculator application in iOS 11 was better, but this is not the only significant change – force click on the icon in the control center, and you can copy to the clipboard the latest results.

The intensity of flashlight

If you often use a flashlight, this feature is just indispensable. Normal click on the icon of the flashlight in control center, activates it, but using the 3D Touch, you can choose four levels of brightness.

Timer setting

iOS 11 sets the timer from 1 minute to 2 hours directly from the control room. Time setting is performed using a slider may not be the most convenient solution, but it’s definitely better than the iOS 10.

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