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IOS 11 might tell us about the iPhone 8

2017 at WWDC Apple introduced many new products, but special attention is iOS 11. To a large extent because it can hint us on some of the iPhone 8.

Last year the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has been criticized because of the design of three years ago, with the voice assistant Siri revolution has happened, and Apple couldn’t beat the competition in terms of virtual reality or wireless charging.

In September the company will present jubilee iPhone with a radical new design and a frameless display. It is expected that it will be iPhone 8, it is possible the novelty will be called “iPhone X” or “iPhone Edition”. iOS 11 gives some hints as to what features will get the upcoming Apple smartphone.

iPhone 8 will receive enhanced support AR

For a long time, Apple had not shown interest in augmented and virtual reality. And in iOS 11, the company finally showed a response to competition – set ARKit, where you can create augmented reality applications to millions of iPhone and iPad. In Cupertino believe that this will be the largest AR platform in the world.

The technology will be compatible with the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7, so there is no doubt that the iPhone 8 will work with augmented reality. But it is possible that the new Apple smartphone will show a range of special features that combine real world and virtual content.

Additional camera and more shooting modes

In the new generation iPhone will have two main camera module. It is expected that especially for the AR-technology Apple will introduce an additional module. This will allow you to run the device, a new high-quality augmented reality app using the new camera, powerful processors and motion sensors.

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Thanks to this, the iPhone 8 will be able to use the latest computer vision technology to use detailed virtual content over real-world images. Interactive games, shopping, industrial design and many other areas will reach a new level of realism.

In addition to AR, we can also see the new camera modes. Apple has already shown at the conference the effect of the long exposure. Perhaps this is just the beginning. Last year was a surprise the portrait photography mode in the camera iPhone 7 Plus.

Siri will play a greater role in device management

At WWDC Apple did not go deep into details and showed only the most important innovations in Siri is more natural and expressive voice, the translation function words, the SDK for third party developers.

This lack of attention to the voice assistant allows to assume that Apple has in store a number of innovations to the release of the iPhone 8. It is expected that the smartphone will be deprived of a separate Home button and get the built-in display, fingerprint scanner Touch ID.

Now call up Siri without using your hands. The iPhone 8 the company may implement additional commands to control the smartphone.

NFC only for Apple Pay

Apple iOS 11 plans to expand its NFC-module. Most likely, in future iPhone can be connected to Apple Watch one touch and that’s the way to communicate with other devices.

Now NFC functionality is limited to only one payment service Apple Pay. The new framework “Core NFC” iOS 11 allows you to extend the use of chip near-field communication.

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IPhone 8 will be able to connect your smartphone to Bluetooth-enabled speakers through touch, but also to use the smartphone for storing electronic passes and in order to pass through the turnstiles at the station. In result, the iPhone 8 will be able to become a full replacement for the wallet.

VR-helmet for iPhone

We can already buy virtual reality helmet for iPhone. But it will be something like Google Cardboard is a pretty primitive solution. Experts believe that Apple will release its own virtual reality helmet, it is only a matter of time.

The new operating system macOS High Sierra “sharpened” to work with virtual reality. Leading companies specializing in the field of VR, in collaboration with Apple to develop Mac new tools that will become available later this year.

Valve optimizes virtual reality platform SteamVR for macOS and will provide support for the helmet HTC Vive, and the company’s Unity and Epic tune for macOS development tools content virtual reality. In addition, Final Cut Pro X will support the professional streams 360 degrees with import, editing and export of spherical video.

Logically, the next step will be to support virtual reality on the iPhone. OLED screen will be most welcome – it is characterized by the fact that displays the color black without backlight, which is necessary when the smartphone is within a few inches from the eye.

Regardless of whether it will be branded VR-helmet or developed by its sister company, Apple is obviously interested in virtual reality.

Integration with HomePod

HomePod – a response to Apple, Amazon Echo and Google Home that requests integration with iPhone and iPad. The company did not disclose all the details, but, most likely, “clever” column will receive enhanced interoperability with iPhone 8.

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One of the scenarios – instead of having to search your phone at home, you could just say, “Siri, find my iPhone”. And if HomePod will not be a built-in function of audio calls is likely that the column can be used for these purposes together with the iPhone.

Augmented reality in Apple Maps

IOS 11 Apple Maps will tell you which lane to go in front of the bend. This suggests that in the future navigation on the iPhone 8 will be performed using augmented reality.

Just imagine that, being in the city, you will be able to use the navigation, which in real time will show you where to turn, putting it through the camera for real targets in front of you.

If the iPhone is in a car mount and the camera “sees” the way, the user can receive visual cues. As a result, it will relieve drivers from such problems as “I need to turn on this turn or the next?”.

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