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iOS 11, iPhone 8, Siri 2.0: what will Apple surprise at WWDC 2017?

In the beginning of the year Apple announces its annual conference for developers WWDC 2017. As the venue was the conference center. Machinery, located in San Jose (CA, USA). How else Apple will surprise us this summer?

It is noteworthy that in recent years, Apple held the WWDC in the exhibition complex Moscone Center West in San Francisco (CA). The current postponement of the event in San Jose is not accidental: it was here that the conference took place from 1998 to 2002 besides the Convention center. Machinery is just a few minutes from the new Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

For those who aren’t familiar with WWDC, is an annual conference for developers, which typically introduce new software products. Typically, this is the new version of iOS, watch OS, macOS and tvOS. If this year the company will present not only new software but also the hardware, it would be a surprise for everyone.

This year’s WWDC will be held from 5 to 9 June, and a webcast of the presentation will begin at 20.00 Moscow time.

iOS 11

IPhone and iPad users hope that Apple will make its mobile platform better. It is expected that iOS 11 will be the main product at the conference.

In the Network as usual, a lot of rumors about the new OS. The most discussed are a function of group video calling, FaceTime, dark theme interface, and guest mode.

With the release of a new generation of Apple’s mobile platform presents an updated system apps. Big changes in the interface expects Apple Music. Within a few months of iOS 11 will undergo beta-testing, and final release will take place in the autumn along with iPhone 8.

watchOS 4

With the release of the Apple Watch Series 2, last year debuted a new platform watchOS 3. The update brought many useful features and increased battery life of “smart” hours. In addition, the new watch OS will give more freedom to application developers.

What to expect from watch OS 4? In all likelihood watch OS 4 will bring even more features that will make life easier. About the functionality of the new platform for wearable devices, little is known.

iPhone 8

If the rumors about the imminent release of the iPhone 8 confirmed, then iOS 11 will be a serious competitor, and the title of the main novelties of the event can be captured by the smartphone.

8 iPhone can do to get through the month? Analysts at JPMorgan believe that WWDC will be a pre-announcement of the anniversary of the flagship. According to the source, Apple is planning to reveal a new phone, but in sales it will arrive later this year.

Note that in the past Apple has announced a new iPhone within the WWDC, but this tradition was broken after the debut of the iPhone 4 in 2010 and big events with the presentation of the smartphone was postponed to autumn.

Siri 2.0

At the moment, many media write about the preparation of a competitor Amazon Echo Apple’s “smart” column with voice assistant Siri. But what about the voice assistant on iPhone and iPad?

The voice of Siri has not changed since 2011, when a virtual assistant appeared first on iPhone 4s. According to rumors, Apple has signed a contract with the record company in order to make the voice of Siri in iOS 11 more natural.

In addition, there are rumors that a virtual assistant “wiser”. In fact, this could mean that Siri will have the opportunity of contextual learning, which will allow the functions to interact with users, work with third-party applications, as well as with the built-in iMessage and iCloud.

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