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iOS 11 beta: how to solve the problem of hanging iPhone and iPad after installing the update

In early June released the first beta version of iOS 11 for developers. The operating system can test all comers, putting on the device a certificate. In some cases, however, the installation 11 iOS beta for iPhone and iPad gets you stuck gadgets. How to solve this problem, said Lori Jill from iMore.

A journalist faced with the iPhone 7 Plus hangs after installing iOS 11. This is a very common problem, judging by the messages on the thematic resources. After the user sets up a profile, downloads the OS and reboots the device, the iPhone hangs on the initial setup page.

“The situation is following: I have successfully downloaded a development profile 11 iOS on your iPhone. Then downloaded iOS 11. When the iPhone rebooted, so I can complete the setup process, everything is frozen,” – says Jill. It happened after the second attempt – rollback to iOS 11 out of recovery mode and re-downloading the certificate.

The solution was quite simple: it was enough to put the iPhone active SIM card.

“I changed an unused SIM card in your iPhone 7 Plus on the current SIM card of the operator Verizon and tried again. And you know what? It worked! – she writes. – I’m not saying that if your iPhone hangs when trying to install iOS beta 11, the case necessarily in the SIM card. But this is one of the possible problems. Try this method”.

IOS 11 beta 1 tested with 5 June. In General, the OS works well, although it contains a number of nasty bugs. Next week is expected to release iOS 11 beta 2 and the first public build. They, as expected, Apple will fix most of the errors the main release.

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