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iOS 11 beta 3 vs iOS 11 beta 1: comparison of speed and performance

Now undergoing preliminary testing iOS 11. Apple has released three beta versions of the new operating system, so it’s time to compare the performance of the first and the last Assembly.

The first beta versions usually contain lots of errors and can’t boast high performance. Therefore, it is not recommended to install on the main device. iOS 11 – no exception, even in the third beta, Apple has not eliminated all errors and bugs of previous versions.

The Creator of the YouTube channel iAppleBytes decided to compare the performance of iOS 11 beta 1 and iOS 11 beta 3, which debuted earlier this week. For the testing we chose the iPhone 5s as it is the youngest operating system compatible model with 64-bit CPU, and it can serve as a good guide. Enthusiast has studied the work builds on his method, simultaneously launching a smartphone various applications and opening websites.

The experiment showed that iOS 11 beta 3 in some tasks is faster compared with the original test Assembly. The machine began to boot and run faster, grown results in synthetic tests (except AnTuTu). You may notice a bug in the new beta version, remove the last app from the multitasking menu it is possible not at once.

View a comparison of the performance 11 the iOS beta 3 or iOS beta 1 11 on the video below:

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