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iOS 11 beta 2 vs iOS 11 beta 1: test of battery life [video]

Last week Apple released iTunes 11 beta 2 and is preparing to introduce the first public build of the new OS. Those who have already installed this release, they share their observations about life on mobile devices.

The second beta iOS version 11 does not contain fundamentally new features compared to the original release, but many bug fixes. This could not affect the performance of iPhone and iPad. The creators of the project iDeviceHelp decided to test iOS 11 beta 2, by comparing the update with the original beta.

In the first Assembly in the control room was not working the Bluetooth switch, and now it works fine. In the Apple Music service has changed pop-up window that appears when you click on the “Share” button. Also, now when looking at the music service displays not only the names but also the category of “People”, “Albums”, “Songs”.

Changed the animation when opening the notification bar. In iOS 11 created a screenshot while still in the bottom of the screen, but in the first beta version the user could only hide it with a swipe to the left. Now when you long press the thumbnail menu is displayed with the available options: to share, to copy, to use as a dial, etc. In the Watch app there are new dials with characters from the cartoon “toy Story”.

Comparison of the efficiency of iOS 11 beta 2 and beta 1 was conducted by running standard action: listening to music, watching videos, downloading files, active connections, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a 90% screen brightness. In the experiment on smart phones produced the same set of actions performed to discharge the iPhone.

The test showed that after installing iOS 11 beta 2 work time devices has increased significantly. So, iPhone to the new Assembly worked for 35 minutes longer than the device with the first beta.

This week is expected to release the first public beta version of iOS 11, that can install everyone. It is assumed that it will correspond to the iOS 11 beta 2 for developers.

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