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iOS 11 as a security threat

The developers sought to make iOS 11 easier and more intuitive for the user, but in pursuit of simplicity, a little forgotten about security, it writes Oleg Afonin ElcomSoft blog.

The passcode is the only thing that remains of the once safest mobile system. Knowing him and taking possession of an iOS device, hackers can steal not only personal data but also block access to other synced gadgets.

A partial list of troubles that await the owner of an iPhone or iPad, to compromise the passcode:

Loss backup

In iOS 8, 9 and 10 had the opportunity to set a password for the backup was stored in iTunes. The password was set once belonged to an iOS gadget, and helped to restore the data on any computer.

To change the password to Bacau need to enter the old password on the device itself.

Forgetting password, user could still create backups, store them on the cloud and restore it if necessary.

It was a perfect and complex system, which suffered from forgetful owners of gadgets. For representatives of the police and the FSB to access data was quite problematic.

To iOS 11, Apple has surrendered under the pressure and changed the system. Now the password for the backup you can easily reset knowing the code of the gadget.

The loss of backup passwords

The password to Bacau you can remove really your iOS device in a few swipes.

Just open “Settings” = > General => Reset. If you perform all the steps of factory reset, this will change the brightness of the screen saver Home screen and delete the password for the backup. Now you can connect your gadget to the computer and create a backup and install a new backup password.

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Change password Apple ID & remove lock iCloud

In iOS 11 you can reset the Apple ID, confirming the action input code password.

This allows you to bypass set the owner of the gadget iCloud lock or Vice versa remotely lock the mobile device, change the verified phone number of the user and, of course, to get access to all available data: from photos to credit card numbers. Intruders can disable or change the function “Find my iPhone” that will return the gadget to its previous owner almost impossible.

Knowing the passcode, the outsider knows about the user iOS device a lot, if not all:

  • bundles of passwords;
  • call logs;
  • photos;
  • location data;
  • the history of the browser;
  • and even the original password of the phone.

With the advent of iOS 11 to lose control of the device easier than ever.

To protect themselves, owners of Apple gadgets can set a six digit password is four-digit, to ensure that no one spied the access code, and regularly change it while the specialists of the company from Cupertino won’t create a more reliable version of iOS.

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