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iOS 11 allows you to see how much memory is occupied by system on iPhone and iPad

It so happened that the iPhone and iPad did not allow users to learn detailed information about the memory status. Only with the latest iOS updates in the settings to see which apps take up space on the device, but many still did not understand why the 16 GB of the needs of the owner is only entitled to 70%.

IOS users 11, you may have noticed that Apple has decided to rectify the situation. Now you can go to Settings –> General –> Store iPhone and in the bottom of the list to see how many gigabytes is the operating system and necessary files.

Delete system files still not work, but at least now the owners of iPhone and iPad will understand why they are not available all the memory on the device.

Apple gradually gives users more control over the storage device. Earlier we wrote that iOS 11 can automatically remove unused apps and gives tips for working with memory.

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