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iOS 11.4 can break the camera on any iPhone

In iOS 11.4 has been added to the synchronization messages, iCloud and AirPlay support 2. But beyond that, the system appeared new bugs, writes iPhone Hacks.

Twitter users began to report issues with the iPhone’s camera in iOS 11.4. Many iPhone owners when you start the camera it shows a black screen. Closing the app does not help, have to reboot the device.

Black screen on iPhone 6, 6s and 7! I often get a black screen when I want to launch the camera. And then I have to restart the phone to wear. What’s going on?

Another problem that is not as popular as black screen, but still occurs is an unstable focus. The bug appears in all modes except slow motion.

Updated iPhone to iOS daughters 11.4. The camera is shaking. Apple tries to help, but I doubt very much that they will correct the problem.

It is strange that iPhone users appear these problems, because iOS 11.4 there were no changes or improvements to the camera. In any case, Apple had not reported. Previously, users complained of the autonomy of the iPhone with iOS 11.4.

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