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iOS 10: what do you think the Russian users about the new operating system Apple

On the evening of 13 September, Apple released the final version of mobile system iOS 10. Shortly thereafter, users began to complain that their gadgets when trying the updates turned into “bricks”. The publication Life offers to see how users reacted to the latest version of the mobile system from Apple.

Though Apple representatives have said that the updating issue has affected “a small percentage of users”, at least half of the reviews contain complaints about the “kirpichnye” the iPhone and iPad. Many owners of “Apple” devices do not restrain emotions, what their comments were half composed of obscene language. Other users are more restrained in his statements, although does not hide his disappointment.

However, the negativity in the address of Apple is not limited to complaints of failed updates. Users who install iOS 10 has passed in a regular mode, too, sometimes unhappy. Someone, for example, don’t like the new design.

Someone disliked the sound design iOS 10.

Other users angry about changes in the interface.

Also, the owners of updated devices note the error in the application.

Well, someone just overwhelmed with emotions.

However, not all users share the negative views on iOS 10. Someone found in an updated system a lot of advantages.

And, of course, not without jokes on the topic of actual problems.

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