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IOS 10 demonstrated on video

Apple is testing iOS 10, but the Network has already appeared the confirmation of the possibility of hacking of the platform. Developer Luke Todesco, who had previously helped the company from Cupertino in the search for vulnerabilities in earlier versions of iOS, confirmed the existence of the exploit to jailbreak.

Todesco demonstrated in the video home screen iPad running the new OS after which launched the tablet Cydia. Apparently, the stake is poljoprivrednom jailbreak: shop with Takami opened only after the hacker turned the iPad into jailbreak mode.

7 September, Apple will present the iPhone 7/7 Plus, the second generation Apple Watch and wireless headset AirPods. At the same event, the company will designate the date of the release of the final version of the iOS operating system 10, which will be the owners of all current iPhone, iPad and iPod.

It is expected that about a week after the release of Pangu will release a jailbreak for iOS 10. Before the update does not appear: creators of utilities are unlikely to want to take the risk and allow Apple to release a fix. Programmers are working to exploit since June, when he released the first public beta of “tens”.

Program for iOS 10 will benefit the owners of smartphones, including the iPhone 5s, iPad mini 2, iPad Air, and iPad Pro and iPod touch sixth generation. For older gadgets solution as the operating system itself, will not be available due to obsolete 32-bit processor.

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