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iOS 10 beta 4 vs iOS 9.3.3: comparison of performance on iPhone 6s, 6, 5s and 5 [video]

iOS 10 while it is in beta, access to the operating system have everyone in an open Beta program Apple Software. This means that comparisons with iOS 9 can not be avoided. The Creator of the YouTube channel iAppleBytes compared a new fourth beta of iOS 10 iOS 9.3.3 on supported smartphones.

iOS 10 was announced on 13 June at WWDC 2016. On Monday released the fourth beta version of the update improves the overall stability of the operating system improves compatibility with third-party applications, improves energy efficiency and adds a number of new features. In iOS 10 beta 4 introduces more than 100 new “politically correct” emoticons. Apple has disabled the vibration when you lock your smartphone and added new sounds for the special keys on the keyboard. When you first launch the control panel added with explanations.

With every iOS update 10 everything works better and more stable, and loses all bugs and flaws found in the very first Assembly, released in June right after WWDC. IAppleBytes test showed an excellent level of optimization of the new OS. From the speed of the OS and work standard applications to Siri and the App Store iOS 10 is not inferior, and in some aspects even ahead of iOS 9. And given the fact that we are talking about the preview.

From the point of view of compatibility of iOS 10 is limited to relatively new device models. The operating system will not run on iPhone 4s as well as iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPod touch 5G. In Apple believe that the A5 processor and 512MB of RAM today will not be able to pull off many new iOS 10. Although, judging by the tests, “ten” is running on the same iPhone 5 and 5s is not worse than iOS 9. The final release can be expected improvement optimization of work of OS.

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iOS 10 beta 4 vs iOS 9.3.3: iPhone 5

iOS 10 beta 4 vs iOS 9.3.3: iPhone 5s

iOS 10 beta 4 vs iOS 9.3.3: iPhone 6

iOS 10 beta 4 vs iOS 9.3.3: iPhone 6s

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