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iOS 10 beta 3 and iOS 9 compared test performance [video]

On Monday Apple released the third beta of iOS 10, which includes a significant number of innovations of varying degrees of significance. The main question, which was left to users – how have improved performance iOS 10 that it was possible to update the device. Answer this question decided to give the author’s YouTube channel iAppleBytes.

After installing iOS 10 beta 3 users noted a significant improvement in the performance of the operating system. And it’s true: comparative testing iOS 9 has shown the application acceleration and smoother animations. On the whole, the release left a good impression. And given the fact that we are talking about the third beta, intended for developers.

Nevertheless, to the level of a stable version of iOS 9.3.2 iOS 10 beta 3 is not high. The experiment showed that the test build works even if slightly, but still slower than the final version of “nine.” From time to time noticeable slowdowns in the interface and a small hanging applications.

Enthusiast tested the release on four smartphones — the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, tried thus to reveal differences in performance on old and new models. And such have been noticed — on iOS 10 beta 3, the iPhone 5 is inferior to the performance of iOS 9 more than iPhone 6s.

However, it should be understood that in this case at the hands of pre-release version iOS 10 and in the following assemblies the developers certainly finally optimize the platform. To compare the performance of operating systems in the video below.

iOS 10 beta 3 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 5

iOS 10 beta 3 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 5s

iOS 10 beta 3 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 6

iOS 10 beta 3 vs iOS 9.3.2: iPhone 6s

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